page co-op farm bureau storefront

Helping our community grow since 1921!

Page Co-op was founded in 1921 by a group of farmers who decided to pull their resources so that they could purchase farm supplies more competitively. Their first purchases were train car loads of salt, wheat mids and seed. Being locally owned allows us to change our product mix as the needs of our customers change. In the past we've sold eggs, groceries, and gasoline.

Today we are a complete Farm and Hardware store with lumber, paint, appliances, lawn & garden supplies, feed, animal health, pet supplies and much more. A customer once said that "if you are looking for something, Page Co-op is a great place to start!"

We are a bit old fashion, we cut electrical wire, hardware cloth, pvc pipe, rebar, glass and other items. We sell bulk mulch, bolts and nuts by the pound and still weigh out garden seeds so you can buy just what you need.

Spring time brings lots of hanging baskets, vegetable plants, ornamental perennials and power aisle full of Husqvarna mowers. For summer, we stock pool supplies, patio sets and fire pits. In the fall, we sell local pumpkins, local apples, posts, chainsaws and farm fencing. You will find ice melt, snow shovels, sleds and wild bird food stocked all winter.

Our outstanding Plumbing department has everything you need from replacing a bathroom faucet to replacing your well pump. We also carry farm seed, animal health supplies, and stock feed and hog grower that we manufacture ourselves from locally purchased grains.

We pride ourselves in helping our community grow by helping customers find solutions and contributing to local causes and organizations.

greenhouse, inside the store, and our lumberyard

Welcome to Page Co-op, let us help you today!